500+ students

+ students
attend Sure Prospect School are being educated while having a disability


in Uganda with physical or mental disabilities


of disabled children in Uganda are living in chronic poverty

Our Story

Sure Prospects is a primary school located in Entebbe, Uganda. A program through Drake University brought the Sure Hope team to this school, where we immediately fell in love with the students, the staff, and their purpose.

Our Mission

In most sub-Sahara African countries, children born with disabilities are often mistreated. At Sure Hope Foundation, we believe that every child deserves a future, no matter their physical or mental capabilities.

Raise $2,000 for a handicapped accessible playground


Raise $20,000 for New Kitchen/Dorm Renovations


Meet the Team

Margo Wohlfeil


Trey MacKnight

Vice President

Mitchell Klocke

Vice President

Natalie Chin


Hannah Jorgensen


Meet the Team

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Children need a hero. Get involved, volunteer, or become a donor and give all children the fair chance that they deserve.